Professional Lancaster Harpist

Weddings. Funerals. Banquets.

Emily’s Story

Emily (Marini) Aziza of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has made her upbringing in harp music into her professional career for the past 10 years.
As the youngest daughter of the Marini family of New Holland, Pennsylvania, she was raised in musical performance since the age of five, and in later years, branched into other musical avenues with local theater companies, solo performances for weddings, funerals, shows, banquets, and other private events.
Her family has made their livelihood for the past 25 years in handcrafting folk harps and shipping them all over the world. Emily now resides in the outskirts of Lancaster City, Pennsylvania with her husband and two year old son where she hopes to continue furthering her musical knowledge, skills and repertoire, and to bless those around her while doing so!


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